AMIEU Coles Members - National Newsletter

Dear Member,

Despite our best efforts to get people to return ballot papers in the election for a Majority Support Determination, (necessary to commence bargaining for a national meat unit enterprise agreement) and which was run by the Australian Electoral Commission, there were insufficient ballot papers returned to achieve the mandatory threshold.

We had to get a return of at least 50% and we only achieved 39%.  This was despite visiting stores, sending out two newsletters over the three-week period of the ballot, putting out notices through social media such as Facebook, and via text messages direct in some states.

On the upside, of the ballots returned, an overwhelming majority voted yes.

The AMIEU offices and officers must be guided by the will of the people.

In this instance it is clear that the majority of meat unit workers in Coles are either satisfied with the current arrangements with the enterprise agreements around the country or, at the very least, a national agreement is not the favoured position of our members. We respect that decision.

This does not prevent other approaches by the individual branches of the Union, but it does effectively stop us from forcing Coles to the table on a national basis at this time.

To those members that returned ballots, we thank you for your participation. This is not the end of the road though, and we will continue to keep good conditions within the meat units for as long as the membership supports that goal. Unless there is some change nationally, the branches will keep you informed as to next moves from hereon in.

In solidarity

Graham Smith
Federal Secretary