All employees of Tibaldi - Clayton & Coburg

It has been over a year now that the AMIEU has been in negotiations with Ridders Fresh/Tibaldi smallgoods negotiating you better working conditions and higher wages. Currently Ridders/Tibaldi has the worst conditions and lowest pay rates in the Victorian Meat Industry.

If it were not for the union, the shocking conditions would have continued on. When Ridders Fresh tried to get you to vote yes to their agreement last time, the AMIEU made it clear that it was a disgrace.  We advised that you deserve better and to vote NO. Approximately 97% of all workers stuck together and voted “NO” to their proposal. That is what sent the company back to the negotiating table, workers uniting and sticking together like that is the only way you will get a decent agreement. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!  

After you voted NO last time, the Union have been able to negotiate some better conditions into the Agreement such as:

  • Shift loadings paid to everyone (afternoon shift receive 15% on top of the day shift wage)
  • Leave loading now paid to everyone. (17.5% extra in your wages whilst on paid holidays)
  • Overtime payed daily after 7.6 hours worked. (Not averaged out over an 85 hour fortnight anymore)
  • Ordinary hours of work for dayshift will now be between 6am & 6pm. (any day shift employee that works before 6am or after 6pm must be paid at overtime rates, even if it is part of your normal 38hr week.

The Union have only been able to have entitlements such as those mentioned above added in because you stuck together and united as one, and voted NO to Tibaldi’s insulting last offer.

Although we have been able to agree on some key issues mentioned above, we are now just starting to raise your working conditions and entitlements to be in line with the rest of the meat industry. It is a fact:

  • In the Meat Industry, where ALL employees are members of a Union they receive higher wages and receive better working conditions to the Meatworkers who don’t join the union!  (Quality of life)

As you are aware the AMIEU lodged for protected action when Tibaldi informed us they are still only willing to offer a 2.5% wage increases on the minimum wage each year. Tibaldi then put the agreement out to vote the day before our members vote on protected industrial action. WHY? The proposed wage rates in the agreement are so low it would be illegal to pay workers any less!

Question: Are you better off going into the boss’s office to negotiate your own wage and wage rise every year, or everyone joining the Union and negotiate together?  Wage rates should be negotiated for the job you do, not for who you are, or what colour your skin is or what religion you believe in. Why should people doing the same job be paid differently?


Do you receive a higher hourly rate than than minimum wage?
If YES is the answer all wage increases are only payable on the minimum component of your wage

Proposed maximum EBA wage increases are listed below:

Job Classification Hourly Rate 2.5% increase
Administration/Clerical – General $17.16
Cleaners $17.12
Payroll/Accounts $18.13 $0.45
Purchasing $17.86
Tele-Sales $17.78
QA/QC Officers $18.23
Production Level 1 $16.37
Production Level 2 $16.95 $0.42
Production Level 3A $17.16
Production Level 3B $17.59
Production Team Leader $17.92 $0.45
Production Supervisor $19.07

Tibaldi's proposed wage increase does not even pay for a cup of coffee a day

The AMIEU recommend you VOTE NO TO THE LATEST TIBALDI OFFER. You deserve better

A Union official will be overlooking the vote on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

1 December 2013