To all AMIEU Coles meat room members

I would like to congratulate every member who has taken part in the Victorian AMIEU campaign of protected action 24 hour stoppages. While we have had these State wide stoppages, we have been able to target 3 different Coles’ stores over this 3 week period with pickets involving a number of members turning up at all 3 store locations. We have had support from the CFMEU where they have building sites nearby; they come over to our peaceful assembly during their breaks and fly their flags in solidarity with ours.

You can feel encouraged to know that AMIEU members in Tasmania are also taking protected action and Queensland and NSW won’t be far behind.

It is imperative when stoppages are called that you do not turn up to work.

If you can’t make it to the targeted store mobilize yourselves in your areas to stand out the front and hand out flyers and get signatures on our petition.

When more than one 24 hour stoppage is called in any week you and your members in the meat room can determine which day you won’t work or you may decide to take all 3 days off, it’s your choice.

Don’t be intimidated by store managers, this is your legal right to strike.

Believe me when I say that every member who takes part in this protected action campaign is making history because if Coles gets its National agreement with the SDA/AWU there will never be another day of strike action ever again. This is your day in the sun to voice your opposition to Coles and the SDA eroding meat room conditions for any new workers stepping into a meat room in the future. Coles will not even offer choice of superannuation funds for all new team members. All new team members will have their superannuation contributions paid into REST, the SDA’s fund. Coles and the SDA are determining your financial outcomes by forcing where they pay your superannuation.

Lastly, to add insult to injury Coles/Wesfarmers paid their outgoing CEO 11 million dollars a year over a 5 year period....that’s 55 million dollars for 5 years work and in the next breath say they need to remain competitive by reducing long standing terms and conditions from meat room workers.
Enough is enough we need to stand strong now, don’t let your work mates down by working when they’re on strike, stand strong for future meat room workers.

If you plan any public action in front of your stores on notified days of protected action can you please notify your organiser or ring the Union office so we are aware of the proposed action then we can support you. We can also inform others in your area in an effort to mobilize them for best effect.

Paul Conway
AMIEU Victorian Branch

19 February 2015