2021 minimum wage pay rise

Australia’s lowest-paid workers will receive an $18.80-a-week wage increase.

The Fair Work Commission revealed on 16 June that the national minimum wage will rise 2.5 per cent to $772.60 per week or $20.33 an hour. Meat industry awards the rise will apply from 1 July 2021.

However, general retail award workers will have to wait till 1 September and those covered by more than 20 awards in aviation, tourism and fitness and some areas of retail trade will have their increases delayed until  1 November.

More than two million people are on award rates of minimum pay for their industry, while almost 200,000 receive the national base wage.

The Morrison government warned against a major increase, arguing it could dampen employment in small business during the coronavirus pandemic.

But unions pushed for a 3.5 per cent increase, which would have seen minimum wage workers receive an extra $26 a week.