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MIESF is a superannuation fund fought for by the Victorian Branch of the AMIEU. It might be a small industry-based fund, but it is one of the Best. See where it comes according to the tax office.

Pacific Islanders - Seasonal Workers in Meat

With funding of the Department of Agriculture the AMIEU has established a seasonal workforce support program.

The project objectives are to ensure that the seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands who work in the meat industry are able to return from Australia without injuries and in a good state of health.

2.5% Minimum Wage Rise

Union Dues from 1 July 2021

Coronavirus – COVID 19 – is a disease that is killing many people around the world.

The outbreak started in late 2019 and developed into a global pandemic by March 2020.

The governments have had staged controls to prevent spreading COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are available

All Victorians aged 50 and over have been able to access AstraZeneca from 3 May at state vaccination clinics or from May 17 through the Commonwealth funded GPs. The booking number is 1800 675 398

From 17 May workers under 50s in meat processing and associated cold chain, fire and emergency services, community Corrections and those manufacturing and delivering vaccines will be eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine. This access is much earlier than was anticipated.

There are now 28 open access sites around metro and regional Victoria – at least 15 take walk-ins each day up to 3pm, but booking is preferred. For further information click here

‘These people are properties’: The plight of Warrnambool’s Chinese meat workers

Article by: Richard Baker and Wing Kuang
Reprinted from Sydney Morning Herald

Don't Put up with Exploitation
Report Dodgy Bosses !

The AMIEU urges meat workers to check this out and report dodgy bosses

At the ACTU Congress in July 2018 the union movement came together to support the banning of live exports. See the motion that was moved by the AMIEU and adopted unanimously.

The AMIEU has won the right for all meat workers who are casuals to request conversion to full or part time work.

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Meatworkers have enjoyed a history and a culture of unionism


This has been built over many years and has continued from generation to generation. Work in meatworks and associated workplaces has always been physically hard, dangerous and skilful. Without the strength of organized labour it would undoubtedly be more dangerous and have stayed poorly paid as well.
Most of the conditions and wages many now enjoy were the result of the unity and industrial action (strikes etc) of workers over many years before them. All the major sheds through the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties were one hundred percent unionised and were therefore able to put up a united front against powerful employers who would otherwise have exploited them. In Victoria particularly, the AMIEU led the way in the establishment of industrial awards, which many now take for granted. Things like equal pay for women, long service leave, Superannuation, redundancy, annual leave, sick leave and public holidays were established and developed by the union, backed up with united industrial pressure.